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Dirk’s Tribe:

While we speak about making positive changes in ourselves quite often it is important to stop and offer the opportunity for change in others as well. Part of being a member of our community means giving back to others as well as improving ourselves. The Dirk’s Tribe has a goal of improving lives and this means for our members and worldwide.

What our members can provide:

By joining into our program and committing to self-improvement you can also shape the lives of others and begin to create changes for others in need. Dirk’s tribe members give back in their communities and worldwide and it is this nature of giving that is woven into the DNA of every one of our members. As well as being helpful and inspiring people our members can start a movement, effecting the lives of those closest to them and resonating outward to fund and assist with worldwide causes. Its through this inspiration and through this movement that we can create a positive change for our members and non members alike.

Becoming a tribe member:

By joining our team and becoming a tribe member you have committed to being a part of something bigger than yourself. While we can help to provide you with the tools that you need for self improvement we can also provide inspiration and guidance for how you can get involved giving back and helping others who are close to you and in international causes. By becoming a Dirk’s Tribe member you can start helping others and giving back.

Your Giving Story:

As well as creating a meaningful impact in worldwide programming you can share your giving story, encouraging and inspiring others to join. By sharing your giving story and the changes you have made in your life and on the lives of others you can create change and improve lives in the world around you and with those that are closest to you. Your giving story can work with this business to improve lives internationally.

A portion of our profits to a good cause:

5% of our net profits go directly to self-sustainable projects worldwide which are making the world a better place. By supporting our organization you are directly influencing international humanitarian aid efforts to change the world for the better! Foreign Aid development assistance has reached an all time high in the past few years and our company is on trend offering a substantial portion of our profits to foreign aid relief worldwide. With your help we can work with other companies in an effort to reach collective world targets for millennium development goals.

What our self-sustainable projects fund:

The portion of our net profits that go directly into self-sustainable programs worldwide make a daily impact in communities internationally. Currently our projects are funding programs in:

  • International Education: Our company provides regular donation of supplies, facilities and volunteer teaching missions to improve international educational initiatives. Our sustainable educational programs are bringing a higher standard of education to citizens that would not normally have access to facilities, resources or teachers. Our projects have funded the creation of several international schools and the improvement of education standards in many third world nations.
  • Health:Our self-sustaining program offers resources for support in epidemics, upgrading medical facilities as well as providing medication and relief worldwide. Through our program we can eliminate the suffering of people internationally by giving them access to the regular medication and close clinic access that they need for a better quality of life.
  • Community: Social community funding is providing support to preserve cultures, build safe shelters, places of worship and more.   Our community building efforts are improving the quality of life in local communities as well as internationally.
  • Work: Our ongoing investments in work programs worldwide are improving job markets, generating safe labor opportunities by improving work standards as well as offering fair wages for employees. Through our program support we are improving the standard of living in communities financially as well as the health of workers across the world.

What we look for in our Giving partners:

Dirk Van Loon works hard to develop strong partnerships with each one of our giving partners. While we provide funding for a number of sustainable programs worldwide we are also consistently on the lookout for new giving partners and new charities that we can assist. Here are some of the top qualities that we look for as we assess new opportunities for giving.

  • Sustainability: This is one of the main aspects of any program we select. We want to make sure that any funds we provide are not a one-time relief payment. We are interested in meeting the needs of a community for the now and for the future.
  • Local: We want to fund organizations which are run by locals, helping locals around the world with an ongoing commitment to their community.
  • Need: Dirk Van Loon wants to assist partners who have a long term goal and a need for integrated support in their programs.
  • Evolving: We are interested in working with partners that can prepare a report for evolving needs. It’s understandable that the needs of a community will change overtime. With the help of our charity partners we hope to provide the funding/support that will fill evolving needs. Making sure these needs are filled starts with the proper communication however.
  • Neutrality: We wish to work with partners who do not distribute with a political or religious affiliation. At this time we would only like to work with giving partners who are committed to helping people in need with a neutral distribution policy.

For more information on the Dirk Van Loon goal commitment to improve lives through charity, contact us today on